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Reviews and Photos from Buyers

Faithwalk wouldn't be what it is without the wonderful people who bring my dogs into their  homes and hearts.  I get so many repeat buyers and referrals, and it blesses me beyond measure.  I love getting updates too!!  We have a group on Facebook for my puppy owners which is my happy place on social media.

I will post reviews and updates from some of our happy families, so you can see how our dogs turned out and what they bring to their owners.

black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

So I felt I had to write this. I know a lot of standard Aussie owners are not so sure about the MAS. I have had Aussies for almost 20 years now. My very first came from Faithwalk Small Aussies and Miniature American Shepherds. Her name was Scarlett and was a beautiful black tri. By far the best dog I have ever had up to that point. I was a Aussie snob(still am) to say the least. There was/is no better dog. Then I noticed a "fad" of mini/toy Aussies popping up. The ones I had seen were clearly poorly bred. Had those buggy eyes that I call Chihuahua eyes. They were neurotic and just didn't seem like Aussies as far as temperament went.  So I was COMPLETELY turned off. I had also always preferred larger dogs anyways. Fast forward to now. I have practically stalked Jill and Faithwalk over the years. I have seen her beautiful dogs. I felt my current standard good boy Aussie Max (long story there but was a gift by another breeder after a house fire that took our Scarlett) could use a friend as our three cats were not as much fun as he would have liked.  So I kept watching Faithwalk posts and noticed she had started breeding MAS. I was like crap! Did I miss out on a standard Aussie from her?! I had always wanted another Faithwalk Aussie so I considered the size of our home, the portability of these smaller dogs. My main concern was I had heard these smaller ones were WAY more hyper and harder to train.  So I had some conversations with Jill. She KNOWS her dogs. She knew my household and assured me this would work. So I started working on the husband. He WAS NOT on board. "I'm not a small dog guy", "we don't need another dog" . Well.... fast forward to March 2023 my husband caved and my oldest daughter and I ran and jumped in car before he could change his mind. Enter Winnie into our lives. This little peanut helped throw out ALL my misconceptions of the MAS (Mini American Shepherds). This little girl can hold her own ( and is the boss) of my 65 lb Max. She is as adventuresome, biddable, and just SO in tune to my thoughts.  She also may be the snuggliest dog I've ever met. She has put my standards to shame in some aspects. I NEVER expected that. She has completely won my husband over. He's like "shes the perfect Aussie but fits in my arms better for snuggles!" He who is not a fan of most dogs is head over heels for Ms Winnie. She can do no wrong AND she can't counter surf like my standards always have. LOL  She is seriously an AMAZING dog. She is in basic obedience classes with me and is so focused on me she could care less that there are 12 other barking, jumping dogs around.  She as all good Aussie and MAS picks up on what I'm asking in only a few repetitions. Maybe even faster than my previous dogs. I just couldn't believe it. Oh and another perk.....she grooms in a quarter of the time!!! I could go on forever about this little girl and I have officially became a MAS lover for life.  If you are on the fence. DON'T be. Get a MAS from Faithwalk. You will NOT be dissappointed!

                                  Rebecca Labis

blue merle, black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

Thank you Faithwalk for two of the most amazing dogs we have ever owned! We love everything about Nala and Willow. One of the things we love and appreciate the most is their temperament.

Thank you too for your continued support. You are always available to support us as questions develop. Nala and Willow were the perfect addition to our family. We will definitely add more of your puppies in the future.

Jim & Terrie Felske


blue merle, black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

We met Jill Porter of Faithwalk Aussies in 2014 as we were researching Australian Shepherds. I remember calling Jill on a Friday evening and after a wonderful initial conversation made an appointment to visit her the next morning. Our visit with Jill and Kevin that Saturday in April 2014 quite literally changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. After meeting Jill and getting briefed on the basic rules for the safety of her pups/dogs, she led us to the kennel where she was caring for 2 litters of Aussie puppies. Heaven on earth. After about 30-45 minutes, we were down 2 leather shoelaces and had also lost our hearts to a wonderful black tri, Steve (nee Frost). The rest, as they say, is history. We returned about a month later to bring Steve home, a year later we adopted Clark (another good looking black tri) and about six months after that we welcomed Roy (a stunningly handsome Blue Merle) into our home. Before, during and after the glorious chaos of raising of 3 Aussie pups, was our friendship with Jill and Kevin. The only thing more impressive than her encyclopedic knowledge of Australian Shepherds, was her selfless/tireless dedication to her animals and their safety and wellbeing. We bought a winning ticket in the lottery of life the day we started working with Jill @Faithwalk Aussies. Amen.

Lance and Cyn Tennant


blue merle, red tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

I got my first (not from Faithwalk) Aussie in 2010, added his litter mate shortly after. The first passed at age 5 from a congenital issue. The second lived to 10, but required multiple surgeries. I added 2 mini Aussies. One had ongoing anxiety issues and the other developed painful eye disease and had to eventually have both eyes removed. All of these dogs had wonderful characteristics and were loving dogs in their own special way and I don’t regret having any of the 4, but with each heartbreak I was learning the value of “the whole package” of personality, good genetics, mentally stable and sound structure.

I began my search for the whole package in 2016 and found Faithwalk’s website in 2017 just before saying goodbye to my last mini Aussie in 2018. For 3 years I tracked websites and followed various breeders on Facebook. I watched the tone of their interactions, watched how frequently families came back for second dogs, I read every word of their web content, watched the pups and adult dogs that became available.

Finally in 2020 is was ready for a pup and reached out for my first conversations with Jill. There are so many things that stand out, but the memory that sticks is Jill’s comment: “I can’t guarantee that my dogs won’t break your heart, but I can promise you that I have done everything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen until they reach old age. “

With 2020 being a lock down year, I couldn’t go meet the pups, but we had talked about my household and family, the characteristics that were important to me. Based on those things Jill kept pointing me toward one pup, but I was infatuated with a black tri pup with loads of copper. She was patient, but steady in her recommendation. In the end the little blue merle with the big attitude came home with me. Heze has proven to be a resilient, outgoing, willing (but opinionated) dog that is a joy!

In 2021, a young dog (13 months old) that Jill had been growing up as a stud prospect became available. I wanted a companion for Heze and thought adding past the puppy phase would be easier on me. Plus I’m a sucker for red heads, so when the adorable Tater became available I jumped on it. After 6 months I figured everyone was settled in and we were in happily-ever-afterville! So when they got into a serious tussle, I was left wondering if peace could be restored. Jill was my first call. She immediately reassured me that IF necessary she would take either one of the boys back. BUT…. then she provided a path to keep them in both safe in the same household while I got an advanced education on the many forms of resource guarding and dog body language.

We are now closing in on 18 months after “the incident” and I’m happy to report that all is well between Hezekiah Wigglesworth and Phiney Tater! It is a sweet, sweet joy to see them play so well together and give each other respectful space when it’s asked for. Hezekiah Wigglesworth and Phiney Tater are good good boys! And I am so grateful that I found a breeder who is committed to doing all she can toward the “whole package” and is willing to share her vast knowledge long after the sale is complete!

Karen Topping

Bettendorf, Iowa

blue merle, black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

Thank you Jill Porter for three of the most amazing dogs. My girls are healthy, beautiful, intelligent, and have the best temperaments. I appreciate your on going support and knowledge. Poppy, Addie, and Rumor are a joy. I highly recommend Jill as a exceptional breeder!!

Amy Marrison, Michigan

red tri, red merle mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

I found Faithwalk Aussies six years ago. When I bought Scout and Sable I had no way of knowing the incredible effort and knowledge it took to breed such trainable, well rounded and sane aussies. I not only adopted the best dogs I've ever owned, I inherited a terrific wealth of knowledge from Faithwalk's family Facebook group.

Claudia Dagostino, Michigan

We got our black tri, Stanley from Jill in 2012. We just lost our first Aussie and wanted to get another one. I looked at several breeders and Jill was the only one who replied. She had some puppies. We made arrangements to visit Jill and the dogs. We weren't looking for anything specific like sex, eye color or coloring. We just wanted a dog to love and help with our grief. We picked out a puppy we thought we wanted to meet. As it turned out, we ended up with a different puppy. A match made in heaven. Jill has always been there to answer questions, laugh with us, and to support us. Jill guided us to become better per owners. I highly recommend Jill to anyone looking for an Aussie or a mini. Jill has quality dogs and does not flood the market with dogs. She is the best around. Our lives are better because of Jill.

Belinda Schirmer, Illinois

black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

In 2021, our beloved 12-year-old beagle became terminally ill and passed away soon after his diagnosis. We knew we wanted another dog but were at a loss about what type of breed would work with our family now that we were empty nesters that loved being outdoors and active. I began researching breeds and found the MAS breed was everything we were seeking in a companion. Then came the hard part, or so I thought, of finding a reputable breeder. I started looking at breeders near our home and was blessed to find the Faithwalk's website. I read all of the information on the site and was so impressed with the love, care, and experience on every page that I decided to reach out and contact the owner. From the moment I contacted Jill Porter, I knew this was where I wanted to get our next dog from. She knew her dogs, talked to me in depth about what we wanted in a companion, and then recommended a pup for us. In December of 2021, we drove to Jill's to pick up our new family member and fell in love. Pretzel, who now goes by Watson, is everything that Jill said he was and more. He is our sweet, loving, smart shadow. I rarely leave the house without him coming with me. Jill has remained a font of information, any question that I have about training, behavior, or food is responded to with great advice and the science to back it up. I thank my lucky star that we found Watson, Jill, and Faithwalk. Maureen Dziadosz Homer Glen, Illinois

blue merle, black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

I have the honor of owning 3 Faithwalk Australian Shepherds. All 3 are beautiful, have wonderful temperaments, and great entertaining personalities. I wanted a companion and received so much more. Each individual dog is blessed with their own unique gift and spread joy to anyone who meets them. The oldest 2, Zeb and Ezzie are therapy dogs. Jill Porter and Faithwalk Aussies set the bar and that bar is extremely high!

                  Cyndy Shupe, MI

grooming Mini Aussie Miniature American Shepherd puppy breeder Michigan Faithwalk

Our two Aussies from Faithwalk and Jill Porter have been a wonderful addition to our family! Their ability to adapt and learn quickly has made them a wonderful addition to our farm. A day in the fields, a ride in the country, or relaxing in the gardens; they are ready for any adventure. 

Tamara Bates, MI

Thank you Faithwalk for two of the most intelligent, well rounded Aussies on the planet! Gertie and Lydia have no bad habits, are easily trained to do new things, and the healthiest dogs we’ve ever owned. They have a wonderful temperament; nursing home residents adore them. I highly recommend Faithwalk Aussies /MAS, Jill Porter is a trustable, knowledgeable, breeder whose dedicated honest caring for each pup and buyer does not end at the exchange of $$$$$$. Rene’ Barlow, North Canton, Ohio

blue merle, black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

I got my Australian Shepherd from Jill at Faithwalk. After researching various breeders I was impressed by her knowledge, commitment, health/temperament testing, and care that goes into her breeding program and her dogs. 12 years later I was ready for another dog after losing my Toy Aussie. I had another breed I was seriously considering as my next dog, but found the perfect MAS from Faithwalk instead and never looked back. Jill is committed to every single dog she produces for the lifetime of that animal and has always been available for questions, concerns, and happy updates no matter where your dog is in life.

Becky Keates


blue eyed red tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

Thank you Faithwalk for everything you do to create wonderful dogs. Charlie has been such a great addition to our family. He loves our girls and makes for a wonderful family dog.

Thank you for the great resources that you have provided and for starting the Faithwalk community Facebook page. It has helped us with great ideas and is a great way to keep in touch with others in the Faithwalk family.

Lee & Pam Brubaker

Livonia, Mi

blue merle, black tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

I got my two wonderful dogs from Jill (one standard Aussie, 9 years old, and a Mini American who is almost 3 years old), and they are the best dogs ever. They have the best temperaments, and integrated into our family as soon as they got home. With Jill, you get more than an amazing dog. She has stayed in touch over the course of all 9 years now that I’ve owned one of her dogs and she provides invaluable information and educates owners. She is honest and doesn’t breed for just a good looking dog, but temperament.. which was very hard to find when I was first looking for a dog 9 years ago. I will only get future dogs from her because of who she is as a person and the time and commitment she puts into her program. Highly recommended!!!

    Amanda Kronander

blue merle, red tri mini Aussie, Faithwalk Miniature American Shepherds, Toy Aussies, Aussie breeder Michigan

I started researching dog breeds for my first "on my own" dog. I read up more about Australian Shepherds after my best friend got her first Aussie (unknowingly from Faithwalk Aussies as well). I reached out to my friend to help me decide on Faithwalk Aussies as a breeder and that's when I learned that's where she got her pup. I reached out to Jill, we chatted on the phone for hours (it was lovely!) and in 2015, I placed my deposit for a pup due in 2016. When that litter was born, I "picked" a dog solely based on looks and knew Jill would help me decide which pup fit my lifestyle the best. Turns out, my "pick" was the best pick! Freyja is such a great dog for me... sweet and spicy. We lovingly call her my Malinois in an Aussie body. She is ready to do anything! A true workhorse. I came back to Jill in 2017 for another pup, and got Fletcher. He was actually my least favorite watching them grow up but Jill convinced me that this was the one for me and boy was she right (again!). Fletcher is such a great well rounded dog. He is dog neutral, a great off switch for hanging out in the house, but when he turns on, he is ON and ready to give everything his all. He will try any sport or task thrown at him. He is also the "soft" one where Freyja is the "hard" one. I will always highly recommend Faithwalk to anyone looking for a great life partner. I am extremely happy that these dogs will do anything and everything with me from dog sports, traveling and camping out in our van, lazing around the house, to coming to work with me at a boarding kennel.

- Sarah


Praise the LORD, my soul, and forget not all his benefits— who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle's.

Psalm 103:2-5


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