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Let Us Help You Find Your New Best Friend!

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Check the Available Dogs page for an older pup we have available.
Watch for our next litter ready to go to new homes late summer of 2024.   Expecting 15-25 lb size range for the most part, with family friendly temperaments. 

When we have a litter, parents are fully health tested including OFA rated hips and elbows, patellas on any smaller dogs,  CAER (was CERF) eye exam clear, HSF4 clear, and tested for MDR1, prcd-PRA, CEA, DM, CMR1, HUU, CD, CDDY and CDPA.  We have also had all our dogs tested for a serious condition called Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (NAD.)  We accept deposits for companion puppies.  Show prospects sold on co-ownership, availability will be limited and usually to people I know. These pups should have the drive and biddability to do almost anything including making great companions!   We use modified PUPPY CULTURE methods when raising our puppies.   Available to approved homes only, no shipping.   We take deposits ahead of time after completing an interview with prospective buyers.   We do reserve the right to not sell if we feel it isn't in the best interests of our puppies or dogs. We really want a great match for all involved. Call 260-445-8235 or email for more info.

 calming signals Faithwalk Aussies Miniature Amercan Shepherd puppies Breeder Michigan

One of our past litters of Miniature American Shepherds


 ******* IMPORTANT!!  There is a lot of information on this page, but I urge you to take the time to read it before contacting me to buy one of my puppies.  It may answer some of the questions you have, as well as give you some insight into my philosophies on breeding and care of the dogs.  It can also help you feel comfortable with your choice of this breed and how well it may fit your lifestyle.

     Also, it should be noted I don't breed just to fill the market with puppies to sell.  I plan each breeding with the goal of keeping the good qualities of the parents, and improving any faults.  It takes a lot of time and resources to raise puppies the right way.  Because of these things, I don't have puppies available at all times and those who want a puppy from me may have to wait a while.  I feel our puppies are more than worth the wait!  **********


     If you contact me regarding a puppy, please give me some information on your lifestyle and experience with the breed, and what your goals for the puppy may be, such as showing, agility, or companionship.  I strive to find the best homes for my puppies and having more information on a potential new owner helps me in that mission.  Please don't be offended at all the questions I may ask of you. I am trying to build a line of communication with a person whom I need to trust with the life of one of  my puppies.

    One thing I like to tell anyone looking for a new puppy, is if it is at all possible, visit the breeder and meet the parents, even before the pups arrive or you decide to buy a pup from that breeder.  This can help you be sure of your choice of the breeder and the bloodlines. You want to make sure the breeder you choose is knowledgeable and committed to making sure the puppies get off to a great start, and to being available after the sale.  And,  there is a lot of variation in Aussies and it's a good idea to get a feel for the bloodlines of the family of Aussies you are considering.  A lot of how your pup will turn out as an adult will be traits he or she has inherited from the parents, so it pays to do a little research before choosing the first cute face you see.  Also, look beyond just color/markings/sex, into the temperaments common in the bloodlines.  THAT is more important than anything as that is what you live with.  A "pretty" looking dog with a bad temperament isn't going to be an ideal companion.  If you can't visit in person, ask many detailed questions and for referrals from past buyers.   This will help you know you are dealing with a reputable breeder who has quality dogs.  This is especially true if you are new to the breed and choosing a good breeder and pup.

    Also, unless it is discussed and agreed upon, all puppies will have an agreement to be spayed or neutered by 18 months of age.   I don't sell puppies for casual breeding, but if sold to breeders, it is only to qualified and experienced home based hobby breeders.   I strive find homes for my pups where they will be a full time family members more than anything.  I don't sell to large breeder operations or places where the dogs live in kennels or outside all or most of the time, as it is against my philosophy for giving my dogs the kind of life I want them to have.   Aussies crave human contact on an ongoing, daily basis.  I always reserve the right to refuse the sale of a pup or dog if I don't feel it will be in the best interests of that animal. I don't want to hurt peoples' feelings but am the only voice my dogs have in choosing the right home for them. 



Deposit Information:  If a deposit is accepted on an unborn litter that deposit holds your place on an upcoming litter.  It is not a guarantee a puppy will be available or will be sold to the buyer. Because I spend an incredible amount of time with my puppies, I know them very well.  I work to match each puppy with the right owner as far as lifestyle and plans/goals for the puppy.    I DO NOT TAKE DEPOSITS FOR EYE COLOR! I can take requests for coat color but of course the right puppy may not be the color you hope for, and it's more important to get the best match than a certain color.  If you are willing to wait for a pup of your chosen color AND a good match for temperament, it'll be a better situation for all involved.


If a deposit is accepted on a specific puppy currently available, it holds that puppy until he or she is ready to be picked up.  If at any point we feel the puppy is not a good match for the buyer for reasons of temperament (or structure in regards to a show puppy), we will offer a different puppy or a refund.   If the buyer has placed a deposit on a specific puppy to hold it from other buyers, and simply changes his or her mind, that deposit is not refundable.  Deposits are non refundable except if something changes on our end, which is very rare.  If you only want one color/sex combo you may want to think hard about putting a deposit on an unborn litter, unless you will be open to a different pup or waiting for a litter with the color/sex combo you want and also a pup with the right temperament.  


Please be aware of these terms before agreeing to place a deposit on one of our puppies.  We work very hard to ensure you get the right puppy for your goals but at the same time want to have the right to refuse a sale if we feel it isn't in the best interest of the puppy and/or the buyer.   An example would be the puppy is too high energy  or intensity for a family who needs a calmer one, or a puppy going to a show home develops a fault that may hinder it's ability to be competitive in conformation shows. 


Once we have a number of deposits on an upcoming litter, we stop taking more so start having to turn away prospective buyers.  A deposit is for a person who really is committed to getting a puppy from us.  


We also only take a deposit after doing a basic interview and making sure the prospective buyer is on the same page as us as far as our policies for dog care, quality of life and such.  Deposits are good for 2 years, meaning you can roll to a future litter if timing isn't right for the next litter, or there isn't the right pup for you.




  Our pups are born inside and handled daily.  We use modified PUPPY CULTURE methods and encourage you to continue this once you get your puppy.  They will mostly be AKC  registerable, and will have their first puppy vaccinations, been wormed several times, and started on Interceptor for heartworm prevention.   They will also come with premium food, toys, photos of the parents and the pups since birth, and lots of information on the breed, copies of the parents health test results, and general puppy care information.   They have undergone the Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) and are being handled daily, getting used to being held on their backs, having their nails done, ears and mouths examined, and will be started on grooming training.  They will go for a couple car rides and meet other dogs and people.  I take them for walks around the property, so they learn to follow me.  We evaluate temperament and structure on an ongoing basis as the pups develop.  They should be super puppies for companionship and other activities new owners may want to pursue.     Puppies sold as pets (spayed or neutered) with limited registration will be eligible for all AKC activities but for conformation shows, and their pups would not be eligible for registration. Pups sold as pets will be required by contract to be spayed or neutered once mature.  These pups are top quality just like puppies sold as show potential, and will make great companions, or agility, obedience or rally partners.   All puppies are sold with a contract. 


    Please take note I don't sell puppies for breeding only.  Any sold with full registration will go to actual show homes, and on co-ownership until championship is completed and all health testing is done. We do so to preserve good genetics in this breed and to be a good steward of the breed.

After you get your puppy, I urge to to continue to read the pages on this site, as you will find a lot of important information on puppy health care, feeding, training and socializing and much more.  Reading through the pages even before you get a puppy is great too, as you will have some of the information ahead to time to more properly plan for your new addition, and to help him or her settle in more quickly.

Whether you are looking for an Aussies for a companion for even for sure, it pays to choose carefully and get the best you can!


As with all my puppies, I strongly recommend prospective owners sign up for a reward based puppy training class, both for socializing and to build the bond of trust between owner and puppy.  So much of how an Aussie turns out depends on how it is raised, combined with starting with a puppy with a solid genetic temperament.




     I was talking with someone about temperament tests and puppies, and had this thought: "I think a temperament test should more accurately be called an aptitude test as it shows traits the pup has so far, and can show areas to work on."



"Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God."  

Matthew 5:8


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